Valves help regulate and control the air flow for many types of systems, including those of a pneumatic variety. These devices help with energy conservation and also have been shown to lower fuel costs. CNC Salvage’s inventory features a wideassortment of surplus valves including check valves, ball valves, and solenoid valves.

Ball valves control fluid flow using a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball. These valves operate with a one-way opening and close shut when pressure moves the ball into a cup-shaped opening.

Check valves embody the form of a one-way valve by allowing fluid to flow throw in only one direction. These valves have tw ports at the opening of the body, which allows fluid to travel from end to the other during distribution.

Solenoid valves have been known to be the most frequently used control devices among fluid systems. The primary job of solenoid valves revolves around shut off, release, dose, distribute or mixing of fluids.


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Showing 1–12 of 116 results